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Center of Excellence

Key roles of the Center of Excellence (Device)

  • Set overall company device strategy, and approve all yearly device budgets and targets by OpCo
  • Manage global VIP device portfolio
    • Accountability for 100% of OBD and hero devices
    • Accountability for accessories, SIM cards and dongles
    • Establishment of one group catalogue for all smartphones
  • Establish a VIP OBD Factory
    • Professionally define specs, and drive vendor selection
    • Lead customization and testing (~60% for OBD and hero devices)
    • Define value proposition and drive go-to-market activities
  • Pool highly specialized skillsets to compensate for local capability gaps, and enable transfer/establishment of targeted local capabilities over time


Testing and QC Specialist

Performance Management Specialist

Head of Cluster\ Regional Mgmt

Head of Operations

Market Analyst

Sell-in Specialist

Head of Device CoE

Head of Tech Lab

Device Marketing Specialist

Accessories Portfolio and Vendor Manager

Customization Specialist

Portfolio Manager

Vendor Manager

Technical and After Sales Support Specialist

Procurement Manager


Key roles of the Center of Excellence (Monobrand)

  • Step-change in customer experience and design
  • Standardize categories and portfolio (devices, accessories, MFS, etc.)
  • Expand store footprint across OpCos
    • Significant increase in the number of monobrand stores
    • Shift towards owned stores (vs. dealer/franchise)
    • Shift towards larger store formats
  • Improve operational store performance across OpCos, e.g.
    • Device and category management
    • Staff training and incentives
  • Establish and track OpCo KPIs; Store rollout and Store performance
  • Pool highly specialized skillsets to drive store rollout/improvement


Head of Planning for Monobrand 

Head of Store Design and User Experience

Head of Store Operations 

OpCo Relationship Manager 

Franchise-management expert 

In-store POS systems expert 

Retail Talent Development Manager 

Store Design Expert 

Store Operations Senior Manager 

UX and Omnichannel Manager 

Commission Analyst 

Incentive Analyst 

Store Location Planning Specialist 

Senior Project Manager for Store Rollout 

Merchandizing and Device Category Management Specialist 

Store Performances Specialist 

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